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When you visit Clifton Golf Club you cannot help noticing that the land profile is relatively uniform, sloping gently east towards Clifton. Most of the trees are mature with many reaching to forty feet or more.

Carved from this interesting landscape are well grassed fairways that make up this delightful modern nine hole course. What is less noticeable are the raised areas that define the greens and tees for which the course is famous. The area was redesigned in 1980 by Ross Watson, well known golf course architect, whose vision and imagination for the transformation of the old course with its short fairways and sand greens has been inspirational.

Right. (Vince Kirby 2011 Club President 1985-6)

Those Cleverly
Sculptured Features..

that you play on now did not appear by accident The original land was purchased in 1953 but did not include all the land the club owns now. An additional area was purchased later that allowed the first and second fairways to extend to their current size and the dam to be extensively expanded. It allowed new greens to be designed and built without closing the old course.

The original owner kindly allowed the club to quarry sand from his neighbouring property to construct the foundations for the new greens.That was when the real work started. Many people were involved. A substantial grant was provided by Queensland Government though the efforts of local member Tony Elliott.

Clifton Shire and club members provided trucks and loaders. Peanut shell was donated by the Beutel family. Working Bee’s were held to pick up sticks and stones. The ladies were heavily involved in social functions to assist with fund raising. After Ross Watson had decided the location of each green vast quantities of sand were dumped according to a basic layout. Ross returned to the site at that point to drive in carefully surveyed pegs to define the contours of each green and bunker. Final trim was achieved by Vince Kirby and his Ford 5000.

A sheet of reinforcing mesh was dragged behind the tractor to make the surface smooth to complete the job. Three greens were formed at the same time. After the first green was planted with Tif 328, cores from it were used to plant the rest. By 1984 the greens were completed and an opening day was held to celebrate. Patron George Backhouse had the privilege of chipping the first ball onto the grass greens that are well established now but took a power of work and skill to achieve.


First Green
sand base

First green sand base showing the survey pegs placed by Ross Watson

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